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About Us
About Us
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About Us

Our history

Who we are

We are a group of photographers that enjoy the art of photography. We use a diverse set of skills ranging in camera, lighting, and how to work with clients to create headshots that are perfect for them. We understand that headshots can go in many different types, colors, backgrounds, or positions. With all these options available, finding one that matches your needs can be overwhelming. We take the time to learn about your story and the purpose of a headshot; whether that is new photography for a publishing book or redoing your team’s photos, we can help.

Our founder Scott Kemp found a passion for photography in Alaska when he used it to help prompt his lodge. Hours turned to days which led to years; he practiced photography in different environments and learned how photography could tell a story or highlight specific attributes. After moving back to Corvallis, he was excited to start a company related to his passion. 

Scott Kemp Winning First Place at State Fair 2019

Our Priorities 

Support Local Business

Proudly part of the Corvallis Chamber of Commerce.
About Us

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Our Values

Open Communication

Communication is one of the core aspects of our culture. When working internally or with clients, it is crucial to listen and understand to communicate efficiently. Once we know what our clients are looking for, we can help create it.


Without passion, there is no cultivation. In our minds, passion drives people forward a love for their craft. We have a passion for photography, which gave us the experience we currently have and the humility to continue to grow.


We are contently looking for more ways to be efficient with our clients’ time. Whether during the order, scheduling, shooting, or delivery, we are constantly striving to become more efficient.
A black and white headshot for author in Corvallis Oregon

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