The Headshot Experience

Headshots customized to each person. We understand you first and then work with you to get your best angles for a confident and approachable photo.

Oregon Headshot Process

Custom Setup

Personalized Experience

Custom Lighting

We have multiple lighting options that give you a range of options to find which one fits your desired look and feel. We do this because we know that people prefer different looks when they get a headshot, and we want your headshot to match you.

Custom Outputs

We have multiple output options from a single photo, model booklet, and social media packages. We know that headshots are used in various ways, from booking more gigs to updating your professional career.

Custom Photo Styles

No two people are the same, and we want your headshot to reflect who you are. We give you different editing options and ideas for posing and backgrounds.

Better Process Better Photos

Our Headshot Philosophy and How It Helps Create Better Images

Avoid “say cheese” and embrace yourself

A driving force of our headshot process is to avoid the “Say Cheese” Smile. This is very hard for almost everyone. It is impossible to have someone walk in, go behind the lights, and produce an authentic expression that will make someone want to do business with them.

Walking into a room with lots of cameras and lights can be intimidating. We all have a terrible school photo, and all we remember is a voice saying, “Say Cheese,” before we got the worst picture slapped onto our schoolbook. You don’t have to worry about that! We are trained professionals who understand how to work with people who never have stepped in front of a camera to people who are models trying to update their portfolios. Our biggest goal is to remove all the fear and frustrations about headshots and create an experience you feel good about and a photo you are proud to share. Not only will you be able to book more gigs or stand out in the professional scene, but you will also start to feel good about being behind a camera. More times than not, if you have a terrible photo, it’s not because you’re bad at pictures but simply because you didn’t know what to do. We help coach you through the simple steps to bring forth emotion to create a stunning image.

Photo of a headshot in Oregon
Headshot of a women in Corvallis Oregon

The perfect headshot is a blend between confidence and approachability

The perfect headshot comes from the eyes, smile, and body position. As humans, we are drawn to people’s eyes; as poets say, “the eyes are the doorway to the soul.” We can tell so much by how someone is looking at someone else. It shows emotion, whether that is a happy feeling or a serious one. During our headshot session, we make sure that your eyes communicate confidence. Don’t worry about not knowing how to pose your eyes for a photo. We have helped coach models and people who are new to the camera.

To match confidence in the eyes, we have approachability with the mouth. We communicate with our mouths as we speak and express emotions such as a smile showing happiness. We help pose different mouth positions to ensure that your smile shows approachability. This is a secret sauce in the headshot field as it shows people that you are open and easy to work with.

Lastly, the body tells us a lot about how someone is feeling. For example, if someone is slumped over, they might be exhausted or tired; on the other hand, if upright, they could be confident and happy. We use all of these together to help show the authentic you. You are a beautiful person both inside and out; as photographers, we first understand your beauty and then work with you to show that on camera.

The paired eyes, mouth, and body tell a uniform story of confidence and approachability. If the eyes look dead, but there is a big smile on someone’s face, we can tell something is off. Likewise, if the body shows confidence but has no smile, we don’t assume that the person is friendly and approachable. You must have all three of these things working together to get a headshot that turns heads and books gigs.

Our Packages

Planning Your Headshot Appointment

Before we set up your lighting, we like to understand what you want from a headshot and let you know what an appointment would look like. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you want; we can work with you to get an image you feel comfortable with.

Essential Package

Location: Corvallis Studio

30 min

Deluxe Package

Location: Corvallis Studio

60 min

Lifestyle Branding

Location: Corvallis Studio

120 min

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How to customize your headshot session

Headshot Options to Consider Before Your Headshot Session

These are different options that you can pick from; if you have a style that you know and like, feel free to create a Pinterest board and share it with us! If you don’t see what you like, it is entirely normal, and we will try different angels during our shoot to see what you want the most.

What a session would look like

Our Photography Session Together


Before we take pictures of you, we like to sit down and talk about any photo preferences or concerns to get to know you better. We believe that a headshot should reflect who you are, and we can’t show that if we don’t know anything about you.

Sitting down 15 minutes

  • Relaxing

  • No camera/Lights

  • Getting know each other

Business people good teamwork in office. Teamwork successful meeting workplace strategy concept.
Group Studio Photo Shoot Of Friends Smiling And Laughing At Camera


Once we start taking pictures, we get everything ready and take some warm-up shots. These shots are about finding different body positions that work for you.

Warm-up and posing

  • Test shots

  • Immediate results to review body positioning.

  • Light posing

Finding Your Angles

After we find a body position that works great for you, we start taking pictures and working with a different eye and mouth positionings that communicate confidence and approachability. While this looks tedious, you don’t normally realize that you are posing. We make jokes, talk about stories, and just enjoy the process. We are looking for the split second after a laugh or a moment in your story that is calm, relaxed, and confident. Those are the moments we keep. The other pictures of us goofing off or frames when you are midway talking get thrown out. This is the most enjoyable part of a headshot because you realize that there is no stress, no strenuous posing, or awkward smiles; instead, it’s just you being you. Those are the best photos and what makes you great.

A relaxed fun environment creates good posing not stiff commands

  • Taking photos as we talk

  • Staying relaxed and enjoying the moment

  • Reviewing photos occasionally as go and refining poses need be

  • Bad images never leave the studio

  • Review photos and pick your favorites

A real estate agent's headshot from Corvallis Oregon done by a professional photograher
Oregon Headshot Process

Actors/Modeling Shoots

For actors and models, you typically want to show a range of emotions, and it is very common to have multiple outfits to help convey different looks. For these shoots, the main difference is that we take multiple angles and do style changes during the headshot session. We help coach you for different emotions as well. For example, if you are trying to get a tired, sad look, we will try different angels and body and eyebrow expressions until that is shown clearly and easily.

Actor/Modeling express depth in range

  • Multiple photos and angels

  • Bad photos are never shown

  • Order from packages

What we edit in your photos

Post Headshot Editing


For business professionals, we recommend picking a background that enhances the feeling you want your headshot to represent, this could be a forest background, a simple color, or it can also be a darker gray. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve with your headshot.

For models, we recommend clear/plain backgrounds. We want the focus to be on the face and expressions because this is what they are looking for when booking gigs.

Acne is no fun for headshots. This is a photo of skin acne that we can remove during our photography session.

Blemish Removal

There is nothing wrong with uneven skin, but you don't want that in a headshot. This is a photo of skin before we corrected it.

Skin Correction

Photo Retouching

Don’t worry about lint on clothes, flyaway hairs, or a pimple popping up. We take care of all of that during our photo retouching/editing.

Flyaway hairs can ruin a headshot. This is a picture of flyaway hairs that we have taken out of a photo.

Flyaway Hairs

We can incorporate a high dynamic range in our headshot photography.

Dynamic Range

For our headshots, we color-correct our images. This is an example of an image that is corrected.

Color Grading

This is an example of a vignette that we can apply to a headshot


Branding Overlay

We have options to add custom backgrounds and logos for your headshot. These are great if you are trying to market your services or need to update social media banners.
This is a picture of real estate branding for an agents in Oregon


This is a picture of a real estate branding headshot done in Corvallis, Oregon


Modern team photography in Corvallis Oregon

Team Photos

This is an edited image done for real estate agents in Oregon

Marketing Assets

Headshot Session Tips:

At the end of the day, wear clothing you feel comfortable in. These are just tips that can help your headshot, not hard-set rules to go by. If you feel awkward in a piece of clothing, but it matches our tips, don’t pick it. Instead, choose the outfit you love wearing every day and feel good in.
A black and white headshot for author in Corvallis Oregon

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